Sassy Couture Mermaid Issue

#sassycovergirl Bella Reyes Mandy Dudley Photography Sassy Couture Magazine Mermaids June Issue By Southern Sass Publications in Sassy Couture Magazine 2018 60 pages, published 5/30/2018 Features by Mandy Dudley Photography, Dark Rose Photography, NWA Twilight Photography and Homespun Memories.   Digital Subscription Southern Sass Magazine | One YEAR 6 issues : $45.00 USD – yearly Sassy Couture Magazine | One YEAR 12 issues … Continue reading Sassy Couture Mermaid Issue

Q&A with #sassycovergirl | Tatumn Dowdy

Sassy Couture Magazine | December 2017 | Volume 2 Issue 12 | Ice Princess Issue By Southern Sass Publications in Sassy Couture Magazine 2017 Issues 60 pages     #sassycovergirl Tatumn Dowdy answers some q&a Tatumn Dowdy is an aspiring model, a Professional dancer and a free spirit. Who is your hero and why? My hero and role model is my sister Henley because she … Continue reading Q&A with #sassycovergirl | Tatumn Dowdy

#SassyCoverGirl of the month

Q&A with Alexia Alexander photo credit Glow N Photography Nicole Holaway Sassy Couture Magazine | Sassy Cover Girl | 80’S! Issue | November 2017 What would your perfect day be? My perfect day would be if someone would fly me and my family to Hollywood and tell me I get to act with Mila Kunis and that I would be cast on Riverdale and Once Upon … Continue reading #SassyCoverGirl of the month