Frequently asked questions


Southern Sass Publications

Southern Sass & Sassy Couture Magazines

Southern Sass Magazine is a southern life style magazine that publishes monthly, featuring models designers writers and photographers from the south.

Shoot outs presented by Sassy Couture Magazine are organized events that are held monthly. These shoot out events feature designers makeup artists hair stylists photographers and young talent from around around the US then publishes in the monthly issues.

Shoot outs are held in our two main areas. St. Louis, Missouri and Little Rock, Arkansas

Designers makeup artists hair stylists photographers and young talent can sign up via event pages here

Print and digital copies of each issue are available on Magcloud 


1. Do I get a free copy of the magazine?

No. At this time we are print on demand via Magcloud. We do not give out free Issues.

2. When will I receive my tearsheets?

This process takes up to two weeks as others are getting done before the issue you were in

3. Can I advertise in your Magazine?

Yes. Advertising Opportunities (For Inside Issue)  Designers, Brands, Companies, etc 1 full page $125.

4. How can I secure a cover?  You can secure a cover (exclusive) by emailing the Editor-in-Chief. Secure 1 of 4 covers + cover stories for the 4 August Issues. Your editorial will be used for marketing the issue as well as posted on Social Media (Facebook & Instagram). Seen in over 50 countries, your image can be the face of the Issue.Image quality and strength of concept will determine final decision. Please email the editor at MUST BE EXCLUSIVE and contain at least 10 images, wardrobe can vary. You will receive a free digital issue of the magazine.


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